About Us

Coldwell Banker Elite was founded in 1982 with the belief that if you enjoy what you do and do it well, success will follow. At Coldwell Banker Elite we enjoy helping people improve their lives. We achieve our goals by helping others reach theirs and we succeed because we do a good job of it. Coldwell Banker Elite has created a professional atmosphere and a strong corporate image, to give our agents a head start. Our company’s future is tied to the future of our agents and our customers. The Coldwell Banker Elite philosophy of services to clients, customers and employees means that we will continue our investment strategy. We invest in our sales associates and employees, in training, technology and marketing, all with one goal in mind: to deliver exceptional service to clients and customers. Through our creative marketing, cutting edge technology, commitment to quality and unmatched service, Coldwell Banker Elite was honored with the following awards:

  • #1 Coldwell Banker Affiliate in Virginia
  • Coldwell Banker Chairman’s Circle
  • Cartus Platinum Award

Our success has been defined with the integrity, honesty, professionalism, community involvement, and family devotion. Only those agents who are committed to living up to these business principles can be part of Coldwell Banker Elite.

Our Locations

Coldwell Banker Elite is an independently owned and operated, full service real estate company serving Fredericksburg, Virginia and surrounding areas.  Elite has 10 conveniently located office locations in Stafford County, Fredericksburg VA, Prince William County, Spotsylvania County, Locust Grove, Orange County, King George County, Gainesville and Colonial Beach, Virginia.  Coldwell Banker Elite also has a commercial division with an office in Central Park, which is located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

Coldwell Banker Elite is a real estate company serving the following areas:

Our Story

Our Communities: The Inter-Capital Region

Dirt. Soil. Land. Not surprisingly, the Coldwell Banker Elite story begins with land. And very special land at that. What is now called the Inter-Capital Region, comprising the land that stretches from the Virginia State Capital, Richmond, to our Nation's Capital, Washington, has a long history. Our company's history is intertwined with that of the region. Indeed, you could say that the company and the region grew up together.

This land has always had strategic importance. Even before it was the setting for Virginia's oldest town, Dumfries. Even before it honored Prince Frederick, the father of King George III, with the name of its most important town. Before the battle of the Spotsylvania Courthouse and the Chancellorsville Campaign. Before all these historic events, this land was destined for importance by its geography and strategic location on the fall line.

The fall line is a low east-facing cliff, running parallel to the Atlantic coast. This cliff helped determine the location of Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington and Richmond. Early highways, which later developed into U.S. Route 1 and Interstate 95, passed through these cities and traced the fall line. Our region - and our company - wouldn't be here if not for that cliff.

The Inter-Capital Region was important in the Colonial era and is even more important today. This land has a long history of attracting visionaries - those with their eyes on the future. Coldwell Banker Elite clients are among them.

At Ferry Farm, in the lower part of Stafford County, George Washington famously chopped down his cherry tree. In 1852, after designing the Smithsonian "castle" James Renwick created the then ultra-modern Fredericksburg courthouse. In 1908, Mary Washington college was founded to extend education to women, then matured into a leading co-educational institution. The U.S. Marine Corps established its training base, Quantico, here in 1917, and the FBI and DEA followed suit. The Presidential helicopter squadron is based here. Frank Lloyd Wright built on this land in 1940 to showcase a new American architecture. And in 1982, the leaders of what is now Coldwell Banker Elite established the first Coldwell Banker franchise in the State of Virginia.

Since that time, Coldwell Banker Elite has been devoted to the development of Main Street, not K Street. Much of the Inter-Capital Region may now be considered part of the Washington, DC metropolitan area. But you'll sense a different pace once you leave the main highway and begin to discover the region's natural beauty. You can also feel the hum of excitement - the region is exploding with growth and possibilities. Today in Prince William, Stafford and Spotsylvania counties, upscale franchises reflect changing demographics. The region is diverse - economically, culturally and socially. This diversity is reflected in a mix of housing for a broad range of ages, family sizes and incomes. Commercial properties include corporate headquarters, business and professional offices, retail, shopping centers and training facilities. And the newly developed Inter-Capital properties co-exist side-by-side with their historic predecessors.

Following the progression from a rural landscape to a residential, suburban one, Inter-Capital commercial development has had a profound impact on living and working patterns. Ex-urban dwellers can now live and work in the region, no longer tied to a daily commute into Washington.

The Inter-Capital Region has only just begun to realize its full potential. And a key participant in this growth is Coldwell Banker Elite - an early partner in the development of the region, serving home buyers, home sellers, business owners and community institutions. We work side by side with local governments, civic leaders and investors to promote sensible, sustainable growth, comfortable housing and prosperity.

Our Company

In the paragraphs that follow, you'll learn how Coldwell Banker Elite can serve you - whether you are buying or selling a home, leasing or developing facilities for your enterprise, or securing a mortgage loan. Our company's leadership in the industry has been consistently recognized by our international corporate parent and our local competitors. As a pioneer in the development of the region, it is easy to understand why. For over a decade, base of Real Estate sales, Coldwell Banker Elite has been the #1 Coldwell Banker franchise in Virginia.


Kevin Breen is president of Coldwell Banker Elite. He started in the Real Estate business in 1977. Kevin's breadth of experience and management style make him a natural mentor, even to experienced real estate agents. His leadership is a big reason why many of the top producers in the region decide to affiliate themselves with Coldwell Banker Elite - embracing the company's values, its mission, and its success.


In February 1980, our company began with a single office in a cramped but historic building in downtown Fredericksburg. Subdivisions were going up all around town, but at that point we knew every street and signpost in what was predominantly farmland dotted with some residential lots.

Customers in those days were those who earned a living in the city, but who sought a better quality of life and greater value than they could find in the Washington suburbs. The earliest were federal government workers, civilian and military, some of whom were drawn by the U.S. Marine Corps base at Quantico of the U.S. Naval Surface Warfare Center at Dahlgren. Others included corporate and other professionals in the private sector. They were young, energetic and aggressive - and so were we.

In 1982, the company became the first Coldwell Banker franchise in the State of Virginia. Less than a year later, the opportunities presented by the growth of the region led us to open our second office in Stafford, 17 miles away.

At that time, Stafford was very rural. It took vision and guts to see that one day the farmland might be prized by those in the distant cities of Washington and Richmond. Today, that farmland is where more than 30,000 families make their homes. Here, not far from where Washington's cherry tree fell, Coldwell Banker Elite acquired the sale center originally built for the Park Ridge community. By modifying and expanding this facility, the company has been able to create a first class headquarters and operations center. From these offices, Coldwell Banker Elite marketing specialists, residential agents and commercial consultants served their clients.

The company's most recent expansions recall the pattern of our success in Stafford. We're not the only ones to recognize the rapid growth potential of the region. With a growing number of consumers, our communities have become choice locations for outlets of national brands. In addition to expanding our facilities with new offices, we greatly increased our number of experienced marketing specialists and dozens of staff positions to our team. The demand for both commercial and residential property in the Inter-Capital region makes staff expansion a must.

Corporate Citizen

At Coldwell Banker Elite, we know that people make a community - not land or buildings or leases or franchises. We've become successful here. And we believe in sharing our prosperity with the communities that were here before us, and with those that have grown up with us. That's why we made it possible for the Coldwell Banker Elite Gymnasium, located in the North Stafford YMCA, to serve our young people with a wholesome place to socialize, learn new skills, improve their health and enjoy athletics. We are a donor to Habitat for Humanity, because we understand that not everyone is fortunate enough to live in our community, or enjoy the prosperity that surrounds us.

Coldwell Banker Elite supports Big Brothers and Big Sisters, who provide role models for kids who need them - and give at-risk children opportunities to achieve a great future. Our employees volunteer at events to benefit Hospice Support Care. Being a good citizen in our community means standing behind those bravely facing health crises, and that takes money.

We make being home for the holidays a little sweeter for kids, families and dogs alike by participating in the SPCA's "Give a Dog a Home" program. And for over 20 years, Coldwell Banker Elite has sponsored the "Coldwell Banker Grand Prix," a series of ten sporting events in which more than 4,000 athletes compete each year to raise cash to benefit various charities. These are our towns, our counties, our communities. We're here to stay, and that means helping make life a little better for our neighbors.

A Full Service Real Estate Company

What does it mean to be a full-service real estate company? Quite simply, we offer our clients on-stop shopping. Full service means providing our clients with a seamless and streamline buying, selling or leasing experience. That takes:

  • Real Estate Expertise
  • Vast knowledge of the communities we serve - their history and their potential
  • Understanding a competitive and ever-changing marketplace
  • Innovative marketing strategies
  • Experience in commercial development that builds businesses and build communities

As a full-service real estate company, we provide comprehensive services to help our clients realize their financial and personal objectives - and all these services are available under one roof.

Residential Real Estate Services

The Marketplace

Market fluctuations are characteristics of our economy. But over time, real estate has been shown to be one of the most reliable ways to create, build and preserve wealth - regardless of how the market may be performing at any given moment. The Inter-Capital region is unique because of its high proportion of federal government presence, which has a stablilizing effect on the local marketplace even when national trends are in flux.

For most people, the home they buy represents their greatest single investment. The home you choose - and the agent you choose to represent you - are choices that must be based on sound financial planning. But a home speaks to the heart as well as to the analytical mind. Coldwell Banker Elite marketing specialists understand this. They are trained and grounded in financial planning and market analysis, but they don't forget the personal touch. Our people have embraced the philosophy that real estate isn't only a business profession, it is also a helping profession.

Market trends over the last several years have changed the job of the real estate agent. The financial complexities - and opportunities - presented by today's market mean that effective client representation requires mastery of multiple disciplines. To meet these requirements, we seek out the best of the best. And in our company, the best get even better. Coldwell Banker Elite provides ongoing training to augment the skills of our real estate agents. As a result, our Marketing Specialists are skilled at working with clients and their financial advisors, to take prudent advantage of leverage and to minimize investment risk. Now, more than ever, it is essential to have a seasoned marketing professional as your advocate.

Success Factors

Marketing Technologies

In the right hands, rapidly changing marketing technologies can extract information that is pivotal in making the sale. Coldwell Banker Elite marketing specialists are equipped with an array of technology tools unique in the industry. Among them:


Lead Routing technology enables the marketing specialist to respond to inquiries about your property instantly. E-mail leads and website inquiries generated by website advertising, are converted to voice messages and are routed to the specialist's cell phone.


ColdwellBanker.com enables sellers to share their own stories, photos and videos about what makes their home special. It also features high-definition photos for optimal viewing on the web.


CBx is a listing innovation which delivers big data into a visual format that allows for buyer profiles and trend analysis of the marketplace.


Your home will get a dynamic listing video that includes animated 3-D graphics, professional narration and branding. These videos also come with a dedicated website to display the video of your home. Videos are automatically uploaded to the MLS and YouTube.


Mobile enhanced listing photos for optimal viewing on mobile devices.


A dedicated website will be created for your listing, with interactive links to various resources about the listing.


Each Coldwell Banker Elite listing is upgraded on Realtor.com as a premium listing. A premium position on Realtor.com gives your listing the most prominent and visible placement. This results in many more inquiries on your home compared to listings that do not have premium positioning.


Coldwell Banker Elite is a Zillow premier partner. This partnership allows for a rapid response to buyers and tremendous exposure for our listings.


The majority of buyers use mobile devices to search for homes. QR Codes allows them easy and quick access to listing information.


Most buyers who are researching properties for purchase do their initial homework online. Naturally, Coldwell Banker Elite will feature your property on our own website. But, to broaden the exposure your home receives and to increase the number of potential buyers, your property is also marketed on national websites reaching millions. Coldwell Banker Elite listings are distributed to thousands of websites through MRIS, Coldwell Banker and other partnerships that we have acquired.


Each listing gets a professional yard sign with agent and office contact information.


An audio tour takes buyers on a "walk-through of the home," highlighting the key features of your home. Buyers who see your home advertised call to hear a detailed description of the property. Enthusiasm is created within minutes of the call, and the buyer is connected directly to your marketing specialist.


Your home will be listing in the largest independent MLS in the country, MRIS (Metropolitan Regional Information Systems).


Professional marketing pieces for your home includes, but not limited to, homebooks, flyers, announcements and much, much more!


Professional homebooks with listing information, features, photos, local resources, utilities and more.

Market Positioning

In a competitive market, positioning your property is the single most important factor in how quickly a house is sold. Aspects of positioning include the local economy, competitive market analysis, demand generators, area demographics and market trends. But calculations and analysis alone are not enough. Our specialists read the market, understand what's unique about the towns and neighborhoods in the region, and understand buyer motivation - intangibles that must be factored into the positioning strategy. Positioning may be more of an art than a science, and the advice rendered by our marketing specialists is another characteristic that sets us apart. In today's market - in any market - you need more than just an agent, you need an advisor.

The Elite Marketing Plan

Your Coldwell Banker Elite marketing specialist has been trained to craft a custom Elite Marketing Plan specifically for your property. In addition to articulating market positioning, the plan provides a checklist of all the steps that the marketing specialist and client will take to facilitate the best and speediest sale possible. If indicated, the marketing plan may recommend practical and detailed tips on enhancing the property's image in the marketplace. Your plan will analyze and quantify the potential financial benefits of your purchase or sale, and give you a business perspective on maximizing the value derived from your asset. Since your asset will be our customer's next home, the plan defines ways to appeal to the buyer's emotions as well as their good fiscal sense.


Securing the right financing is another critical success factor. Our company's utilization of the Movement Mortgage company, as well as other lenders, means that we can make our clients' properties more attainable. A Streamlined mortgage approval process accelerates the tempo of the overall transaction.


Whether from block to block or coast to coast, moving is usually part of the home buying experience. When relocation is well done, at least three transactions will be generated from it. Families with a positive relocation experience will tell their friends and coworkers about it. Relocating is one of the most stressful experiences in life. We understand that and aim to take as much of the burden off your shoulders as possible. Every family, every individual, has unique requirements and challenges when relocating. It's a lot more complex than just knowing which boxes go in which rooms. The relationships we've built with moving, packing, shipping and insurance firms allow us maximum flexibility. We'll configure a package to meet your needs - even if you have to move on the double. Our clients are reassured by knowing that more than half of the Fortune 100 companies have relocation contracts with our corporate parent. With Coldwell Banker Elite, you'll enjoy the same white glove packing, moving and relocation services provided to employees of General Electric, IBM, Computer Sciences Corporation, and nearly 50 other top firms. At moving time, there's nothing more valuable than peace of mind.

Custom Homes

Maybe the time has come for you to build your dream house. Coldwell Banker Elite can help. We represent numerous builders through their property marketing activities. When representing a buyer with an interest in custom building, our marketing specialists will engage a trusted builder and facilitate an introduction. Because we know the land on which you'll be building, as well as the local design, architecture, engineering and contracting community, we can make a thoughtful recommendation as to which firm or firms will help you achieve the results you envision.


Coldwell Banker LLC Story

The Coldwell Banker Tradition:

The story of Coldwell Banker® is a story of leadership and success. From its beginnings in San Francisco in 1906, Coldwell Banker has grown to become one of the premier residential real estate organizations in the world. Coldwell Banker was founded on a commitment to professionalism and customer service that continues to be the core of its business philosophy today. Coldwell Banker provides its sales associates with the strongest support in the real estate industry so they in turn can deliver the support their buyers and sellers need. That's the Coldwell Banker tradition.

Coldwell Banker Online:

Coldwell Banker® is considered to be the Web pioneer in the real estate industry as the first national brand to offer a national real estate Web site. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC launched coldwellbanker.com in 1995. Always ahead of the curve, coldwellbanker.com launched a new website in 2009. COLDWELL BANKER®: The most visited brand on the web. The rankings encompass all consumer Web traffic (unique visitors) to national and local websites operated by the franchise brands as well as by their franchisees. Coldwell Banker in Social Media Coldwell Banker is utilizing social media like no other brand within real estate. Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC has launched a number of social media platforms to engage consumers and real estate agents alike.

The Coldwell Banker Heritage:

After the devastating earthquake and fire in San Francisco in 1906, young real estate agent Colbert Coldwell saw the need for honest, knowledgeable and professional real estate services to help the city rebuild. Coldwell disapproved of the common practice of that day where real estate agents acquired properties for themselves, often from uninformed sellers at ridiculously low prices, and then resold them for huge profits.

With two partners, on August 27, 1906, he formed the real estate company of Tucker, Lynch and Coldwell, dedicated to the principal that they would work only for their customers and not trade for their own account, the beginning of a tradition of integrity and customer support that continues to this day.

In 1913, Benjamin Arthur Banker joined the firm as a salesman, and he and Colbert Coldwell quickly discovered they held similar views and ethics. Banker became a partner in 1914, and the two remained active in the company throughout their lives.

The Company Grows:

The early years of the growing, successful Coldwell Banker were devoted primarily to commercial real estate brokerage firm's first residential real estate office opened in San Francisco in 1925, and a full fledged residential real estate department was formed in 1937. The company's geographic expansion began in the 1920s with the opening of offices in Southern California, followed by Phoenix in the early 1950s and Seattle in 1969. In the 1970s, Coldwell Banker acquired prestigious residential real estate firms in Atlanta, Chicago, and Washington, DC.

By 1980, Coldwell Banker had also acquired a national referral service (now Coldwell Banker Referral Network), and Previews Inc., an international luxury real estate marketing organization (which has evolved into the present-day Coldwell Banker Previews International®).

In 1981, Coldwell Banker was acquired by Sears, Roebuck and Co., joining Dean Witter Financial Services Group and Allstate Insurance group as a member of the Sears Financial Network. Sears provided the resources and impetus for even more rapid expansion, development of products, and integration of services. Another landmark in 1981 was the launch of Coldwell Banker Residential Affiliates, Inc. for the franchising of the highest quality residential brokerage companies. Through the acquisition of companies in major metropolitan areas across the United States, as well as the dramatic expansion of Residential Affiliates, the growth of Coldwell Banker during the 1980s was phenomenal. The company's share of the residential real estate market grew from 1.3 in 1981 to over 10% by the end of the decade.

1987 saw Coldwell Banker affiliates become the first in the industry to offer comprehensive guarantees to sellers. A similar buyers program was established five years later.

By 1990, Coldwell Banker had locations in all fifty states, and had begun international expansion with offices in Canada and Puerto Rico. The company's focus on residential real estate was strengthened with the sale of Coldwell Banker Commercial Group (now known as CB Commercial).

Coldwell Banker continued to set the standard for the real estate industry. In 1992, Coldwell Banker affiliates became the first to advocate and practice Seller Disclosure well before it was required by law in some states. By incorporating this consumer-focused issue, Coldwell Banker helped change the practice of real estate in many markets.

Coldwell Banker began a new phase of it's growth in 1993 when it was purchased from Sears by the Fremont Group (a private investment company formerly known as Bechtel Investments, Inc.) and company senior management. Another milestone in 1993 was the substantial increase of Coldwell Banker® presence in Canada.

Coldwell Banker Affiliates of Canada, a joint venture of Coldwell Banker and Canada Trust, builds on heritage of more than 40 years of Canadian real estate brokerage experience. It is one of Canada's largest real estate operations with more than 200 offices and thousands of sales representatives coast to coast.

In 1995, Coldwell Banker became the first national, first-service real estate brand to have a presence online with the launch of ColdwellBanker.com.

1996 proved to be another banner year for the Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation. In January, Coldwell Banker once again obtained the rights to sell commercial real estate. The Coldwell Banker Commercial® program allows affiliates to produce a wide array of services including market research, acquisitions and dispositions, leasing, asset and property management, investment property sales, corporate consulting and advisory services.

In May, Coldwell Banker was acquired by HFS Incorporated, then world's largest franchisor of hotels and residential real estate brokerage offices, ushering in a new and exciting era in the history of the brand. The unsurpassed franchising experience of HFS, together with its assertive approach to increasing brand awareness, positioned Coldwell Banker for accelerated expansion in both existing and new markets.

1997 saw parent company HFS merge with CUC International, forming the new Cendant Corporation. This was also the year that Coldwell Banker became the first national real estate brand to maximize cross-marketing promotions with such other well-known brands as Cadillac and Ethan Allen. The program led to more than 200,000 leads generated across the United States.

Coldwell Banker started 1998 by continuing to provide unparalleled service to its affiliates, with added benefits and expanded preferred alliances. In February, the company introduced "Personal Retriever", the revolutionary Web site enhancement that 'fetches and retrieves' home listings via e-mail to the consumer according to their specific home buying criteria.

That year, Coldwell Banker also became the first full-service real estate brand to unveil a concierge program, named Coldwell Banker Concierge® Service Program, a unique system for its broker affiliates to offer home buyers and sellers centralized access to various real estate related services. This true one-stop-shopping concept helps consumers by centrally coordinating the details of their move and home set up through local Coldwell Banker real estate offices. In 2002, Coldwell Banker became the first national real estate company selected by the National Concierge Association to receive prestigious membership affiliation for Coldwell Banker Concierge.

In 2005, Coldwell Banker became the first full-service national real estate brand to launch a stand-alone Web site for upscale properties with ColdwellBankerPreviews.com.

Later that year, it was announced that Cendant would spin off its four divisions – real estate, hotel, car rental and hospitality services. Coldwell Banker would now be part of a stand-alone real estate company named Realogy in late 2006. Realogy’s brands – Coldwell Banker, Coldwell Banker Commercial, Century 21®, ERA® and Sothebys International Realty® (Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate was added in 2007) - combine to participate in one-of-every-four residential real estate transactions in the United States.

At the start of 2006, Coldwell Banker began celebrating its 100th anniversary. San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom declared February 13-19 “Coldwell Banker Week” in recognition of the anniversary and United States President George Bush sent a congratulatory letter commemorating the milestone. Jim Gillespie, president and chief executive officer of Coldwell Banker Real Estate Corporation, led a Coldwell Banker contingent in ringing the closing bell at the New York Stock Exchange on August 21, 2006 to commemorate the brand’s 100th anniversary.

2006 also saw the brand reach a major milestone in its community involvement with the conclusion of its “100 Homes” initiative. Coldwell Banker affiliated companies around the nation raised more than $6 million to sponsor more than 100 local Habitat for Humanity home builds, making Coldwell Banker the second largest Habitat for Humanity fundraiser in the nation for the year. It was cited as the greatest community give back in real estate history.

Coldwell Banker also continued to set industry standards in 2006. In February, www.coldwellbanker.com began offering streaming video to educate, inform and entertain consumers. It marked the first time a full-service national real estate company unveiled such technology. In September, the new Coldwell Banker Personal Retriever® was unveiled. Utilizing Real Simple Syndication (RSS) technology, the online Personal Retriever now has a downloadable “widget” application that automatically delivers daily, personalized real estate listings directly to a computer desktop. A month later, the Web site unleashed satellite mapping functionality to enhance listings.

Coldwell Banker also advanced its platform of innovation by becoming the first national real estate company to join the popular virtual world in Second Life in March 2007. Four months later, the brand extended its presence in Second Life by unveiling a 3-D exact replica of a $3.1 million real home for sale in Mercer Island, Wash. Coldwell Banker was the first national real estate brand to make a real home available for 3-D home tours in the virtual world.

Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC was named the 2007 Inman Innovator Award winner in the brokerage/franchisor category. Coldwell Banker was honored for its use of such Web 2.0 resources as streaming video, Personal Retriever widget, HomeTracker and AgentSpace.

Awards continued to flow to Coldwell Banker in early 2008. In February, the brand’s intranet site, www.coldwellbankerworks.com, was named one of the world’s best according to the Nielsen Norman Group’s “Intranet Design Annual 2008: The Year’s 10 Best Intranets” report.

The Coldwell Banker “100 Homes for Habitat” campaign was named as one of five finalists for the prestigious PRNews Corporate Social Responsibility award in the “Stakeholder Engagement Category. The Coldwell Banker initiative raised more than $6 million for local Habitat for Humanity builds. Coldwell Banker also unveiled a new Habitat for Humanity initiative which is expected to raise an additional $4 million by 2011.

In May, Coldwell Banker Home Tracker was named one of five finalists by the American Business Awards in the Software Programming/Design category. Coldwell Banker, which already syndicates its listings to Yahoo, Google, Trulia, Frontdoor, Zillow, Openhouse, Homescape and others, then became the first national real estate company to offer its listings on a mobile GPS device through an arrangement with Dash Navigation.

A month later, Coldwell Banker unveiled its “Housetrology” quiz on the Facebook.com becoming the first full-service real estate company to develop an application for the popular social networking site. More than 10,000 took the quiz through the end of 2008.

October saw the U.S. economy come to a halt due to a historic credit crisis. But just days after, Coldwell Banker affiliated companies sent a message to the nation that proper pricing remained a critical factor in getting homes sold. The brand ran an industry-first 10-Day Sales Event that saw more than 36,000 sellers participate by lowering their listing prices by roughly 10 percent. The results were staggering. Along with unmatched media coverage, the 10-Day Sales Event saw approximately six percent of those homes sold during or soon after the event with another 70% deciding to leave their listings at the adjusted price.

That same month, following a “Listings Anytime, Anywhere” mantra, Coldwell Banker became the first national real estate brand to configure its Web site for use by mobile users on Blackberry and iPhones. In the first four months of availability, more than 100,000 home searches were conducted via these smart phones. In December the brand made international listings from 28 countries available too.

The Coldwell Banker brand continued on its path of innovating in the real estate industry in March 2009 with the debut of an application for MicroSoft Surface. This coffee-table like computer has a screen on top that essentially serves as a giant iPhone where hand movements dictate what the users sees and interacts with. The Surface units act as the ultimate engager and makes its public debut at Las Vegas’ Fashion Mall in June.

Two months later, Coldwell Banker debuted a true “game changer” with the launch of Coldwell Banker On Location. The channel was created to more fully tap into the power of video for real estate search and discovery, and to drill deeper into the local insights that consumers want. Coldwell Banker Real Estate closely collaborated with both YouTube, a Google subsidiary, and Google to develop a customized framework and user experience – offering what is arguably one of the most comprehensive and immersive brand channels on the YouTube platform. On Location is the first branded YouTube channel to use dynamic IP lookup to search for videos, which automatically serves up local results when visitors first hit the site.

The attention to mobile technology returned in August 2009 with Coldwell Banker becoming the first brand with international listings on an iPhone, Blackberry and Google Android application.

Coldwell Banker LLC Locations:

Today, the Coldwell Banker® brand has a global reach, with offices in 50 countries and territories. There are more than 700 Coldwell Banker offices outside of the United States. Coldwell Banker has a presence in the following countries:

Cayman Islands (Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, Little Cayman)
Costa Rica
Dominican Republic
India (Mumbai only)
Netherlands Antilles (Curacao, Bonaire, Saint Eustatius, Saba and St. Maarten)
Puerto Rico
South Korea
St. Kitts/Nevis
St. Martin
Turks & Caicos
United Arab Emirates
United States
Virgin Islands (British: Anegada, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola, Virgin Gorda, along with smaller cays and private islands)
Virgin Islands (U.S.: St. Croix, St. John, St. Thomas, Water Island, several smaller islands)