Fredericksburg Virginia



up 46% since 2000



39% with children


68% Owned

32% rented, 6% vacant

Average Home Value


Average Year Built


City of Fredericksburg SignThe Fredericksburg Region is a wonderful place to live and raise a family. Even during the country’s economic crisis, Fredericksburg VA still had a healthier real estate market than most other areas. The following information is a snapshot of the regional market. If you’d like to know about the area, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to explain how all of this uniquely applies to your desire to buy or sell your home in Fredericksburg, Virginia.




City of Fredericksburg Neighborhoods & Communities




Downtown Fredericksburg Shops and RestaurantsDowntown Fredericksburg William Street
Shopping & Restaurants. Downtown Fredericksburg offers a wide variety of shops and restaurants within walking distance. Whether you are looking for fine dining or want to grab a hot cup of coffee while reading a book, Downtown Fredericksburg has many options for you to choose from.  With over 100 shops to step into, including antique stores, clothing stores, fashion boutiques, beauty & body shops, toy stores, book stores, and much more, Downtown Fredericksburg is in no short supply of shops to visit.


Fredericksburg Battlefield Tours
Activities and Attractions.  There are numerous activities available in Downtown Fredericksburg including Battlefield Tours, Ghost Tours, and Trolly Tours.

Chatham Downtown Fredericksburg
Historical Sites.  Step back in time by visiting Downtown Fredericksburg’s historical sites and seeing beautiful architecture and homes dating back to the 18th century.

Route 3 and i95 Close to Downtown Fredericksburg
Commuting.  Downtown Fredericksburg is in close proximity to Route 3 and I95 making it ideal for commuting.


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