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Property Management | Rental Application

Application Checklist

  • Signed Fair Housing Guidelines
  • Signed Guidelines used to qualify Residents & Guarantors for Our Rental Homes
  • Initialed and Signed Requirements needed to process your Application
  • Signed VAR Rental Application
  • Clear and readable DMV photo identification
  • Proof of all sources of Income, last 3 most current paystubs and last year’s 1040 (tax return), copy of Military orders and LES for military personnel
  • Residency Verification Form
  • Employment Verification Form
  • Picture of Pet
  • $43 application fee (Per Adult) in Money Order or Cashier’s Check made payable to Coldwell Banker Elite. Personal checks & cash are not accepted. Applications will not be processed without a processing fee.
  • Separate Money Order or Cashier’s Check, made payable to Coldwell Banker Elite, in the amount of one month’s rent for Application Deposit. Personal checks & cash are not accepted.

Checklist Once Application Has Been Approved

Upon approval, I understand it is my responsibility to provide the following:
At time of lease signing:

  • Additional Security Deposit (if applicable) – Certified Funds Only
  • Pet Fee/Deposit (if applicable) – Certified Funds Only

On Move in Day:

  • Full Month’s Rent – Certified Funds Only
  • Proof of Insurance
  • Proof of Utility connection
  • Tenant handbook signature page
  • Tenant information sheets

5 days after move-in:

  • Property condition report additions


Instructions for Presenting a Rental Application

For All Applications

  1. All monies must be in certified funds (money order, cashier’s check, certified bank check). Personal checks and/or cash will NOT be accepted.
  2. Application fee is $43.00 per adult ( age 18 or older).
  3. All funds must be separate (security dep, application fee, rent) and payable to Coldwell Banker Elite and applicants Name.
  4. A copy of the original application and proof of funds should be sent to the Property Management office by fax: 540.288.1102, or email:, for expedited processing. However, original copy of application and certified funds must be sent to the Property Management office (4840 Southpoint Dr., Fredericksburg, VA 22407).
  5. Correct disclosure forms must be attached to application.
  6. Copy of DMV issues license/ID Card.
  7. Agents business card must be attached to the application.

For Property Managed Properties (in addition to 1-7 above)

  1. Residency and Employment verification forms must be complete for each applicant.
  2. Present latest 3 paystubs/ pay statements with application. If self-employed, provide 1040 and Schedule C (if applicable) for last 2 years.
  3. Copy of LES and military orders.

Once the Application has been Submitted

  • All applications are processed in the order in which they are received, provided that the application is complete. Applications that are sent without funds, or a copy of the funds, will not be processed.
  • Processing may take up to 48 business hours for non-property managed properties.
  • Property Managed Properties take a bit longer while waiting on the Employment and Residency verification forms to come back.
  • If the application is for a home that is not a property managed property, a credit summary will be returned to the Agent who presented the application for processing.
  • The credit report itself, will not be given to any Agent or client under any circumstance.

Helpful Tips for Processing

  • Ensure that the application is complete, and signed by all applicants.
  • Submit the processing fee.
  • Verification of Residency and Employment are complete, with contact information (phone & fax) for reaching the applicant’s employer(s).


Rental Application

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Applicant Information

  • 000-00-0000
  •   CBLineBreak  

    Current Residence

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Previous Residence

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Employment Information (Applicant)

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Military Personnel (Applicant)

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Co-Applicant Information (Spouse Only)

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Spouse's Employment Information

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Spouse's Military Personnel

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Additional Income

  • Applicant need not disclose alimony, child support or separate maintenance income or it's source, unless he/she wishes it to be considered for the purpose of the application for tenancy.
  •   CBLineBreak  

    Credit Information & History

    As it applies to both applicants - if you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, please provide a detailed explanation.

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Please list in detail all your outstanding debt. (Monthly Payments, Child Support & Alimony)

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Bank Information

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Emergency Contact

    A person not residing with you.

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Your Pets

    Photo of pet is required. Use a separate piece of paper if additional space is nedded

  •   CBLineBreak  


  •   CBLineBreak  

    Persons Who Will Occupy the Rental Premises

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Personal References

  •   CBLineBreak  

    Additional Information

    Any additional information you would like to provide (derogatory credit, special accomodations, etc.)

  • If you are applying for a rental with other applicants, please provide us their name so we can pair your application with theirs.
  • If you are applying for a rental with other applicants, please provide us their name so we can pair your application with theirs.
  • The owner of the premises you are applying for carries insurance on the dwelling only. You must acquire renters insurance for your household goods and liability. Neither the Agent nor Owner of the property is responsible for damages to your personal property. You will be required to add Coldwell Banker Elite as an additional interest/ insured under your liability section with a minimum liability of $500,000 or as determined by your Property Manager. A certificate of insurance must be provided to the Property Manager in English prior to the Start Date of the Lease. Each applicant certifies information provided in this application is true and accurate to the best of their knowledge. Owner and Agent have each applicant’s permission to obtain credit history, public records and verify any information provided for purpose of this application process and in the future as long as tenant has any outstanding balance due Coldwell Banker Elite and/or Owner. If any applicant withholds or gives false information, this application is considered void and the lease agreement may be terminated by the Owner. The Full Security Deposit must be received in certified funds by Agent within 24 hrs after application has been submitted. Applicant(s) acknowledges that Agent reserves the right to hold the Security Deposit until the Lease is finalized and applicant(s) should be aware that the property may remain active on the rental market until the Lease is finalized. Per the Virginia Residential Landlord Tenant Act “VRLTA”, If the application is approved and the Applicants do not enter into a lease, the deposit will be returned less any damages. Application fees are non-refundable. When the Security Deposit is received, arrangements will be made to sign the Lease documents within 48 hours. If applicant fails to execute the Lease and return the lease within 48 hours of receipt, honor the terms of the Lease and/or occupy the property, this shall result in the forfeiture of all or a portion of the security deposit and fees equal to Owner’s damages and expenses. Owner and Agent are pledged to the letter and spirit of the Virginia Residential Landlord and Tenant Act “VRLTA,” Virginia and U.S. policy for achievement of equal housing opportunity. We encourage and support affirmative advertising and marketing programs in which there are no barriers to obtain housing because of race, color, religion, sex, handicap, familial status, elderliness or national origin. Megan’s Law Disclosure; Applicant(s) should exercise whatever due diligence they deem necessary with respect to information on any sex offenders registered under Chapter 23 (19.2-387 et seq) of Title 19.3. Prior to entering a Lease, such information may be obtained by contacting your local police department or the Virginia State Police, Central Criminal Records Exchanged, at 804-674-2000 or on the internet at Each property manager is an independent contractor with Coldwell Banker Elite. THE UNDERSIGNED DO HEREBY ACKNOWLEDGE DISCLOSURE THAT CBE REPRESENT THE OWNER/LANDLORD IN THIS REAL ESTATE TRANSACTION.
  • By clicking the Submit button below, each applicant hereby authorizes verification of the information provided on this form.

        CBLineBreak Applications must be submitted with required application fee in the form of Certified Funds or Wire.

    Payable to: Coldwell Banker Elite (Sorry, We Cannot Accept Cash)

    You will also have an opportunity to pay online after you click the "Submit" button. CBLineBreak

If you would prefer to print out or download our Property Management Application Package you may do so here: 

Download Our Property Management Application Package (Includes Rental Application and Rental Selection Crieria)