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Corporate and Government Services


Coldwell Banker Elite has a specialized team of agents trained specifically to help the transferring employee and their family. These agents attend yearly trainings to keep updated on the latest mobility trends. We are also a member of the Worldwide Employee Relocation Council to keep up with the ever changing industry.


If your employer is moving you be sure to check with your HR department to find out if you are being offered a relocation benefits package. Your HR professional can go over this package and direct you to the third party relocation company who handles the moves for your company. Many times that relocation company is a partner we work with. You can always ask if you can use Coldwell Banker Elite as many employers will allow you to choose the real estate company you want to work with. The important thing is to be sure you are working with a corporate relocation certified agent. Our department staff will be happy to suggest a corporate certified agent to assist you.


If your corporation is transferring you there are huge tax savings by your employer using a third party relocation company. There are laws set in place that the relocation companies are experts in so you and your employer can gain the most tax savings. More information can be found at


Departure Services


We work with multiple relocation companies whose clients are in the private sector as well as government agencies.  Our essential goal is to offer a certified relocation pre-marketing associate to work with you and come up with the best marketing plan tailored for your home.  Our knowledgeable associates are familiar with the process, paperwork and will be ready to answer any questions along the way.


Destination Services


Our associates understand moving to a new area can be stressful. Especially when your employer has requested that you move and you need to relocation your entire family. Our certified agents are experts in helping you with all aspects of your transfer including spouse and family support. When we match up our associate with you as a buyer, they will offer buyer representation to you if you elect and area tours. Our associates who assist our corporate buyer have been background checked to ensure you feel piece of mind we’ve provided you with a responsible and creditable person.


Your agents will assist with a tour of your desired areas of interest while pointing out schools, shopping, libraries, commuting choices, temporary housing, etc.  Whatever you needs, we are here to provide.