Short Sale Services


This is a list of required documentation that the seller needs for the short sale process.


For the lender:


___ Hardship Letter


The hardship letter is a brief letter outlining the circumstances leading up to your need to sale and why you can’t continue to make your mortgage payments. This letter is your opportunity to show why it’s necessary to pursue a Short Sale.


___ Last two years tax filings


___ A signed and dated 4506-T.


___ Last two pay stubs (if self-employed, last three months profit & loss).


___ Last two months bank statements (all accounts).


___ Financial statement (bank form).


___ Monthly budget (bank form).


For the file:


___ Letter of Authorization (each institution)


___ Authorization to Disclose a Short Sale


___ Hold Harmless


___ Coordination Agreement


___ Most Recent Mortgage Statement(s)