Short Sale Services


Northern Virginia Short Sale Services


The Short Sale process is Highly Specialized, and it is very important to have a Realtor who is experienced in the entire process. Our services have No Out-of- Pocket costs to home owners. Please note that our short sale team consists of State Licensed and Regulated Real Estate Agents, and are here to look out for YOUR Best Interests!


Services We Provide:


  • In a private meeting, we will discuss your particular situation, and the Short Sale process in detail, explaining all of your options. (A Short Sale may not be the best option in every case).
  • We will provide you with all required forms and documents from your lender that will enable us to process the short sale of your home.
  • Our Experienced Sales Team will coordinate a customized marketing plan in order to get your home Under Contract with a Fully Qualified Buyer!
  • Our Transaction Managers will keep you informed, and updated throughout the entire process.
  • The Negotiating Team will coordinate directly with your lenders to negotiate the short sale, and submit all required documentation for their approval.
  • If needed, our team can usually work with your lender to delay the foreclosure process, and possibly keep you in your home longer.
  • Our Negotiation Team’s Mission is to work diligently to get you Fully Forgiven of any deficiencies with your lender. (Debt Relief Act of 2007 Was Extended to 2013)
  • 90 days after the settlement of your short sale, our Transaction Managers will contact the 3 Credit Bureaus to ensure the correct recording of the short sale, preserving your credit and protecting your family’s financial future.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust, and deliver you the best service in the industry!