Amanda Corvetto – Annandale, VA

Amanda was extremely helpful with our purchase of our first home. From the beginning, we always felt like we were a priority to her. She made time to show us tons of houses, even on a short notice. She answered our questions day and night. She listened to what we wanted and didn’t try to push us toward things that didn’t interest us. She thoroughly explained the many processes involved with buying a home. She was unfailingly polite, informative, and positive.

The seller was fairly difficult to work with, and there were a number of challenges on the seller’s end that delayed our process. Many time we considered walking away from our contract. Amanda didn’t try to persuade us one way or the other, but she salvaged the deal multiple times through very frank discussions with the seller’s agent. Even at closing, when the seller tried one last grab, Amanda talked sense into the seller’s agent and secured our keys. To me, Amanda was exactly the person we needed: friendly and relaxed when showing us houses or walking us through paperwork, but a bulldog when we needed an advocate. I would highly recommend her to any buyer.

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