Tanner and Traci

“Like others who have written reviews for Doreen I cannot recommend her enough. Some of the words I would use to describe Doreen are the following:

1. Prompt. Doreen respected my time as much as she does her own. She was never late to an appointment and never failed to find out the “status” of a home before she showed it. I have heard from others of agents showing homes that their client fell in love with that were already under contract. Doreen did her homework.

2. Straight Forward – After getting a feel for what we were looking for in a house when asked Doreen gave an honest assessment of a property we were considering. As a Realtor she is paid on commission so she could have bypassed or downplayed the “cons” but did not. Her candor was refreshing and further convinced us she had our interest at hearts which at the end of the day was important to me.

3. Professional – As a retired Marine Officer with several years of experience as a Realtor you get with Doreen what you would expect from someone with her background. She certainly has a “fun” side but when it comes to negotiations etc you will be glad you choose her to represent you.

In closing you can hope for a “good” Real Estate experience or you can guarantee a great one by picking Doreen. You won’t be disappointed.”

-Tanner and Traci

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