Judith Ludvigsen – Moving within Lake of the Woods

This testimonial is on behalf of Joann Hargrave-Roth. I have known Joann as a member of the Lake of the Woods Ladies Golf Association and spoke with her last fall about the possibility of downsizing to a smaller house at LOW. That began our real estate experience that has been very special and finished when we moved into our new home about 10 days ago. She showed me houses on the market similar to ours last fall so that I would understand what similar houses were selling for, had a few “one customer listings” and then listed our house the day we left for a month’s vacation in Florida in February. Our house sold within 3 days of our listing (Debbie Matalavage has showed the house to clients in January and they put in an offer on February 3rd.) Joann spent countless hours working with us on the contract while we were in Florida, and then submitting an offer on a new construction house in LOW that she showed me before we left for Florida. So, when we returned on March 1st we had a contract on our old house and a contract on the new house. She worked to make sure everything went smoothly on the purchase of the new home, and made this whole project easy. We do not move often (once every 20 years) and Joann made all of it work. I hope you realize what a wonderful Realtor she is – she has become a great friend (even though she can beat me a golf anytime!!!! I would recommend Joann to anyone considering buying or selling a home.

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