Katie Gaskins – Fredericksburg, VA

First off, I am so late doing this but it has been on my mind constantly because of how impressed with Cassie I was. I want to first say, I went through five agents before I finally found someone I could trust. Someone that didn’t just see money signs when she looked at me. Cassie was the most professional, caring, and just personable agent I found. I was on a super short time crunch when Cassie took over to find my family and I the perfect home within my budget and thankfully she pulled it off to where the same day my lease was up I was signing at the table and moving into my new home. I would strongly recommend Cassie to anyone buying or selling because she made the process a piece of cake and really acts more like a caring friend than someone just doing their job. So big kudos to you and thank you so much for being so kind, patient and easy to work with.

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